Cutting the Cord or how we ditched the dish

This is the first of several posts that describe our transition from Dish network to OTA (over the air) broadcasts and internet streaming.  We did this due to the rising cost of satillite service and the changes to our viewing habits.

We had the SD (standard definition, not HD) 250 channel package from Dish Network and no premium packages. Total monthly costs were ~$92 a month.  In the past we did watch many of the channels but by no means all of them.  As channel programming changed, channels like Syfy, Discovery and even the History channel became less interesting. Can you say “Sharknado”?  We started to wonder why we paying for all these channels when we weren’t watching them.

In October of 2013 I was laid off just 1 year short of retirement.  So it became more prudent to find a way to cut some expenses and Dish Network was an obvious choice.  I will insert a word of caution here that before you ditch the dish or cut the cord, you install and test whatever replacement system you choose. Some people are very attached to certain programs and technologies. Getting them to switch before the new system is proven and debugged will discourage them and you from switching.  We did not have this problem because I had seen comments about this issue and did not switch until the other system was approved by all watchers.

First step for us was to analyze what we’re watching.  Looking at the 100+ hours of DVR material we found OTA sitcoms, a few Food Network shows, a fair number of RFDTV shows and PBS broadcasts.  Hmmm, not a lot of channels there, should not be difficult to replace with an OTA antenna and some internet streaming.  I will stop here for today and the next post will go into the start of the transition.


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